Monday, September 15, 2008

Mickey button pics!

These are from the first day wed to yesterday... it looks much better!

Tons Of pics!

Brooke just spent 4 1/2 days at Phoenix Childrens for the same infection around her Mickey that we have been dealing with, so we took it out! We dont use it and hope to keep it out this time. They did IV antibiotics and sent her home with 8 more days to take by mouth. She is doing really good, and the looks great. Lexi is a trooper, she missed her siisy and I while we had to stay at PCH, but she did really well. As a mtter of fact, I thik someone stole her and replaced her with a robot. She has been so GOOD, just a little of the 3 y/o mouth. She goes to bed when I say and hasnt fought me on anything. I sure do adore her. My little gal, I call her my BFF!

So here a tons of pics, some of Brooke and Lexi, the hospital and her button.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tons to say!

This is 7 weeks 7 days!

Well it has been nearly a month that I have blogged. I sat down and typed out a very long one last week and then something happend and it went blank I was so mad I gave up and went to bed! We were without internet for about a week and a half so that was part of the issue!
So the girls are doing well. Ill start with lexi, my little mouth!
Her an i totally fight all the time, she is so good for Jason but for me we just bicker all the time. Could be because she is a minnie me right? For the most part she is really good. She keeps herself busy and entertains Brooke so that is a huge help,but then anytime I ask her or for that natter tell her to do something she always has some little comment to me. She has started no to like the taste of soap so much! That just took 2 times so maybe Im onto something! No a tom going on with her. She has such a great big heart and she shows me joy every single day! She sings to her "broder" every morning! She is so cute. I have some pictures to post!
Brooke is growing more independent daily. She picks fights with Lexi and sure can hold her own! She is one tough Cookie! We are still fighting that darn staph infection. This makes 11 since march of this year. Ill try to post a picture of what it look like tomorrow, not to pretty. She is on ye another round of antibiotics and we are tryn to keep her out of the hospital. Her ped just about admitted her last friday. The site really isnt getting better , as a matter of fact I think its is a bit worse. I called him today and her said lets give it until Wed and reevaluate it then! We do have good new on this though.We went to see a GI doc last week and he said we ca take the thing out as soon as we get the infection cleared up this time. We go see him for follow up on the 17th and hope to get it out then. She is so funny, we are tryn to prepare her for it being gone, she has had it so long she thinks it is part of her. So we talk to her about it and ask her if she is ready to take it out ans she say uh-huh and starts tugging on it! Her vocab is just awesome, when she wants to use it! Most of the time she just cries for what she wants,but, we are trying very hard to make her use her words, she is just so stubborn though!
My pregnancy is going very well. Im 8 weeks and 4 days now. Im almost out of the first trimester. I cant wait. I have been so sick with this one. I am so tired all of the time too!
Lexi is determined it is a boy and will take no other guess as even an option!
We have picked out Cameron Adyson for a girl and Corbin Urijah for a boy. I think this is a boy,but we will not for sure for at least 3 more months! I feel totally different this time and my cravings are VERY different! I cant get enough meat! Steak ribs chicken wings It dosent matter I just want meat!
So here are a few pics I took last week. I found my camera so this a way better than before!

The 2 pics of the girls are old, Ill upload the new ones later! Just thoughteveryone would like to see thier faces!

Friday, August 15, 2008


So today we decided to take the girls out to breakfast and then to the mall to play for awhile before my appt with the midwife! More about that soon.
So we finish up breakfast and Lexi had gotten underneath the table, she does this often, so I didnt think too much abut it. Well I look down to tell her to get back in her seat and I see, this green colored gunk on her thumb, so my first thought is what the crap... is that gum? Then I look at her, she is CHEWING, Im like OH MY GOD GOODNESS, she isnt. So here is how the conversation goes....
Me- Lexi Sky what do you have in your mouth?
Lexi- (with a look of surprise ) Umm (hand over mouth). Nothing?
Me- Lexi did you get gum from the bottom of the table?
Lexi- UMMM No mama.
Me- Honey we dont tell lies. Did you get gum from the bottom of the table?
Lexi- Yes... but its gone now (opens mouth to show me)
Me- Oh honey come here lets talk about this.. Jason is snickering and gagging across the table and I am tryn not to puke all over my kid and handle this as best I can without making it a HUGE deal.
So she climbs on my lap, smelling of nice fresh spearmint gum... GAG
Me- Hone we cant get gum from the bottom of table or pick it up from anywhere we see it.
Lexi- HUH??? She was totally lost and confused, To her it was perfectly wonderful gum!
Me- Honey thats yucky, other people have germs and we dont know what kind or who left that gum there. If you want gum you tell mommy or daddy and we can get you your very own gum. Dont ever eat gum from under the table again. Okay?
Lexi- Okay? Still confused. I think mostly because she eats my gum... guess I should stop giving her ABC gum huh?
SO NOTE TO SELF... Dont let Lexi under the table at restaurants and stop giving her my ABC gum
Ok so the midwife.. Her name is Mary and she is the most down to earth calming woman I have ever met. Very nice lady. We talked and visited for an hour or so. We talked about the benefits of home birth and the complications I had with Lexi and Brooke.
Before you get your panties in a wad, we havent decided to have a home birth. This being my last baby. I want things my way. we did conventional with both girls, so Im looking at other options.. I really want a water birth!
Anyway. We discussed how things would work and cost and thing of that nature. We dont have insurance right now so this is actually much cheaper. MUCH CHEAPER. Lots of options and lots to think about. We would have to pay for an ultrasound later on,but we will have insurance soo too, so that should be covered. So we are looking at our options and decicing what is best for us and this baby. I do have a rehular OB appt on the 26th so Ill keep you posted on what is going on!
I love you all and miss everyone.
Hereis a belly picture from today! Thi is 2 days later than the other, If I keep this up Im goig to have to deliever at home. I wont be able to get out of my own door... LOL

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Pics I PromiseD!

Yes I Took 6 I was in SHOCK.
5 Weeks ( I think)
Brooke-y Cookie

My Angels watching Toons

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well , if you havent heard, we are going to have another baby! Big surprise for us, but we are adjusting to the idea and getting rather excited. Im already showing and looking quit pregnant, so Ill start posting pics soon. everyone is wanting to see some new ones of the girls so, I guess I should do that.
we will be due in April and Im looking for a Dr now. we wanted to deliver in a birthing center,but, there are none here and I really dont think a home birth is a good idea, after bleeding so much with Brooke. we are meeting with a Midwife on friday to discuss things further and get her opinion. I REALLY want a water birth! I just dont think Jason is even keen on the idea of birth at home... LOL. Since I got rid of everything before we moved, Im on the hunt for maternity clothing and baby stuff. I have plenty of time for shopping thou. I found Lexis camera so Ill getr some pics up ASAP.
Im sitting here listening to NKOTB and getting more excited about the concert. i know you all think Im a big huge dork, I AM. So thats ok. As soon as I know anything more on the baby (ies) Ill let you know
Love you all and Miss you!
Oh we will be in town form Sept 23-29!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well things have been insanae around here and blogging has been the last thing onmy mind! Right now Im sitting in the hospital with Brooke! She yet again another staf infection. This time it was bad,withing 24 hours of it showing up she had opened sores. We hope to go home tomorrow. She is on IV antibiotics and is doing well. The hospital andnursing staff are WONDERFUL! I could not be more thrilled with this place.
I am on a hunt for a new job! Maxim turned out to be a joke! They suck! Long story short. I am going to just do some staffing at the hospital and keep doing interviews and find were I am being lead to work.
Jasons job is good, he is finall back to the store by our house so that helps.
I am looking for a nanny/babysitter. I hmay have found one,just havent gottent to talk with her too much yet becaus Brooke got sick.
Ive been home sick,bu things are getting better. i cant wait to come home and visit.
I ope everyone is doing well. I promise to update more oftern.At least every Sunday!
Love Ya